When the manuscript of a publication is received by the editorial office of the journal primary control is carried out regarding the relevance of the chosen topic; completeness of the analysis of recent research and publications; formation of the purpose and objectives of the work; presentation of the main research material and the results obtained, validity of conclusions and novelty of research; compliance with the requirements of the procedure for registration and submission of articles for publication in the journal “Kraieznavstvo” (Local Lore Studies).

Submitted materials are subject to verification using the appropriate software (detector Plagiarist, Advego Plagiatus) in order to determine the uniqueness of the author's text. Manuscripts that contain plagiarism or text borrowings without references to the original source are rejected by the editorial board of the journal.

After checking for plagiarism, the manuscript is sent for review. The editorial board determines the reviewer - a specialist (doctor or candidate of historical sciences) who has a scientific specialization corresponding to the topic of the article and is a specialist in this field of research. The reviewer is elected either from among the members of the editorial board, or, if necessary, is involved externally. The materials are reviewed by members of the editorial board of the publication and/or third-party independent experts, based on the principle of objectivity and from the standpoint of the highest international academic quality standards, and are edited (the editorial board retains the right to minor literary editing of texts and abbreviations, while preserving the author's style.

Review of the manuscript of the publication is carried out according to the established form of the questionnaire-review of the manuscript of the publication. If contradictions are identified by the decision of the editorial board, the article may be submitted for review to two or more members of the editorial board.

Manuscripts are reviewed confidentially. The review period is 1 month.

If the manuscript of the publication contains comments and suggestions from members of the editorial board, external reviewers, the deputy editor-in-chief of the journal notifies the authors about this by sending an e-mail to the email addresses that were provided by them in the information about the authors. The letter must indicate the elements of nonconformity, as well as comments and suggestions provided by the editorial board, and additionally indicate the time frame for their elimination. The author has the right to provide a reasoned answer regarding the inexpediency of finalizing the article in accordance with the comments and suggestions provided. In this case, the manuscript of the publication, by the decision of the editorial board, may be sent for re-review, accepted in the author's edition, or the author will be refused publication in the journal, which he will be notified about by sending an email.

The decision to publish scientific manuscripts in the journal is made by the editorial board on the basis of questionnaires-reviews of the manuscript of the publication from members of the editorial board and external reviewers.