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National Union of Local Lore Researchers of Ukraine

Institute of History of Ukraine

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine



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Ukrainian, English


4 times a year, prepaid edition

Registration in State Tax Administration of Ukraine

According to the order by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1604, 22.12.2016

Specialty in list of the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine

Historical sciences

Editorial policy

The editorial policy of the journal “Kraieznavstvo” (Local Lore Studies) is based on the collegial decision to publish the scientific work of the authors. The editorial board adheres to objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication, ethical standards in communication with the authors, provides a mandatory expert professional review of the materials received for publication.  The editorial board does not publish the manuscript if there is reason to believe that it is plagiarism. The editor-in-chief is guided by the policy of the journal, based on the principles of academic integrity and the conclusions of reviewers.  The editorial board ensures the confidentiality of information specified in the manuscripts, strictly adheres to copyright, is responsible for the quality of all materials published in the journal for which their selection is carried out, external and internal review is organised.




Stages for manuscript to pass

On receiving the manuscript of the publication by the editorial board of the journal, its review is carried out on the relevance of the selected topic,  completeness of the analysis of recent researches and publications; formation of the purpose and objectives of the work; presentation of the main research material and the results obtained, the validity of the conclusions and novelty of the research; compliance with the requirements of the Procedure for registration and submission of articles for publication in the journal “Kraieznavstvo” (Local Lore Studies). The review of the manuscript of the publication is carried out according to the established form of the questionnaire-review for the manuscript of the publication. In case of inconsistencies by the decision of the editorial board, the article may be submitted for review to two or more members of the editorial board.

Review of manuscripts is carried out confidentially.

The review period is 1 month.

The decision to publish scientific manuscripts in the journal is made by the editorial board, based on the reviews received to the editorial office of the journal together with publications and on the basis of questionnaires-reviews for the manuscript of the publication from the members of the editorial board.


Open Access Policy

The journal adheres to the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and global knowledge exchange for the sake of general social progress.